Jewelry originates from life’s vestiges that remain over the passage of time.

The American Museum of Natural History was the one of designer Mana Matsuzaki’s favorite spots when she was studying design in New York. The beautiful forms in the museum’s collection of bones of ancient and extinct creature from many thousands of years ago fascinated her. They would inspire her to incorporate motifs from them in her creations during her study at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and they would give her brand its unique origins.

Fangs, bones, and horns that our ancestors wore as amulets in primeval times are believed to be the origins of what are now accessories. People attributed supernatural power to these items. Matsuzaki speculated this could be expressed in the form of fine jewelry incorporating the animistic aspects of jewelry’s origins, and that jewelry could be designed to be universally understood by all the Earth’s denizens, beyond the differentiation of race, language, culture, and time.

LATREIA was born to embody this notion. The brand represents a new generation of fine jewelry presented by Japanese designer Mana Matsuzaki. LATREIA delivers world-class quality and a character completely unique from other brands, along with fashion consciousness. The word latreia, derived from the Greek version of the Bible, means love and respect. Matsuzaki conveys this through her jewelry to express deep admiration of the links of life that can be traced back to stardust in the universe, and the Earth itself, which cultivates numerous sparking jewels.

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