松崎勉の『繊細なエレガンス』・松崎憲子の『端正な遊び心』、それぞれの洗練された個性を活かしたジュエリーコレクションの数々。時に各々の感性を貫き、時にコラボレーションし、幅広いデザイン性が特徴です。45年以上に渡り東京の自社アトリエにて『時代を超えて愛されるジュエリー』を目指し、品質にもこだわったアート性の高い作品を生み出し続けています。近年では夫妻の娘である松崎マナ(ラトレイア デザイナー)も企画デザインに参画し、家族それぞれの個性が昇華、融合するコレクションへと進化しています。

Tsutomu Matsuzaki’s delicate elegance and Noriko Matsuzaki’s refined playfulness work to create a variety of distinctive fine jewelry collections. This productive fusion is visible in a wide range of designs; some pieces embody a singular sensitivity, while some collaborate in harmony. The addition of the couple’s daughter Mana Matsuzaki, designer of LATREIA, in design planning signals the collection’s evolution by channeling the personality of each family member into each creation, while also skillfully uniting them. For 45 years and counting, the Matsuzaki brand has continued to put forth high-quality, artistic jewelry at its atelier in Tokyo, with the desire for it to be loved over many generations.

松崎 勉


公益社団法人 日本ジュエリーデザイナー協会会員



公益社団法人 日本ジュエリーデザイナー協会会員

Tsutomu Matsuzaki

Tsutomu creates delicate, elegant jewelry using the lost-wax metal-casting technique, which he has adapted to his own style. His grand creative vision, with a sensitivity similar to that in fine paintings, originates from his passion for seeking a spiritual quality, which can be traced to his background in music. Tsutomu maintains strong conviction in the vital nature of quality in jewelry design.

Graduate of the Kunitachi College of Music (Tokyo).
Award winner in “De Beers Diamond Design Contest,” 1973
A member of Japan Jewrly Designers Association

Noriko Matsuzaki

Noriko’s extensive career in jewelry design lends to her continual pursuit of perfection, yet she places equal importance on a sense of playfulness. She incorporates her keen awareness of fashion and trends in offering a variety of practical pieces that can easily be used on different occasions and in various situations.

Graduate of the Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design (Tokyo)
Award winner in “De Beers Diamond Design Contest,” 1970
A member of Japan Jewrly Designers Association

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